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Сегодня состоится последний подготовительный матч «Манчестер Юнайтед» к новому сезона. Команда Жозе Моуринью сыграет с «Баварией» в 21:15 по Москве.

Сегодня же матчем за Коммьюнити Шилд отрывается сезон в Англии. «Челси» сыграет с «Манчестер Сити». Начало в 17:00 по московскому времени.

Год назад Хуан Мата запустил проект «Общая цель» к которому присоединились многие футбольные функционеры, игроки и тренеры.


Мората: «Прошлый сезон был не очень хорошим, это вызывало у меня депрессию. Я мог бы уйти, но решил остаться и сражаться».



Daily Star продолжают продавать Поля Погба в «Барселону». Говорят, что МЮ перепадёт 100 млн фунтов.

А 60 млн из этих 100 уйдут на покупку Тоби Альдервейрелда.

Sun нашли нового покупателя на Дармиана — «Бенфика» готова выложить 15 млн фунтов.

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Публикация от Eric Cantona (@ericcantona)

Бербатов: «В этом году, я надеюсь, победит „Манчестер Юнайтед“ и не только потому, что я играл за них, но и потому, что у них прекрсная команда и, я надеюсь, они смогут улучшить показатели прошлого сезона. „Манчестер Юнайтед“ необходимо снова стать чемпионами».

This year I hope @manchesterunited win the Premier League, because obviously I used to play for them, but they have a great team and hopefully they can improve on last years' second place finish. Manchester United need to get back to being champions again, to do this you need to do one thing, and one thing only, you need to win. It doesn't matter how many goals you score; one goal is enough if you don't let one in your net. Jose Mourinho knows how to control to big players in the dressing room, to control egos, he's done it all his life and knows how to work it into the team. It's not easy for Mourinho, when teams are set up defensively against them because then it's when you need the imagination of @paulpogba and the goals of @romelulukaku ⚽️👊🏻 Pogba now have the confidence of winning the World Cup. On the pitch you can have the feeling that everything is happening for you, from passing to tackles. This should give him more momentum in the Premier League but he needs to stay strong. Sometimes self-esteem affects you on and off the pitch, until you face your next game and you miss an easy chance for example, then you feel not as great. However, he will be a World Champion for life, now he needs to be a League winner. He is a top player and all top players at Old Trafford know how to be winners. Lukaku is scoring more goals and coming off his experience over the summer, he'll feel that he's a big part of Manchester United. He's intimidating in the box, very quick and has the players supplying him with the passes he needs. I am also supporting @spursofficial , not only because of my history there, however it's about time they win something! I've said this before, they have everything they need; new training ground, soon the new stadium, a great boss, a great team, the only thing they're missing is something to show off for it, "We fought so hard and now we've achieved this." They need that factor. Players want to have something at their career to show their achievements in the form of silverware, been there and done this. When they get that winning mentality with a cup or something similar, then they'll have even more hunger for the bigger titles! @betfair

Публикация от Dimitar Berbatov (@berbo9)

Также Димитар считает, что «Юнайтед» необходимо купить защитника, возможно Харри Магуайра.

@manchesterunited need to sign a defender - probably @harrymaguire93 from Leicester - he had a great World Cup, simply because of the way he controlled the ball and the vision he has on the pitch. He has the ability of passing like a midfielder and stays calm under pressure. He would be a great addition to the squad. @martial_9 needs to stay at Old Trafford, we used to play at Monaco together so I know how he plays. The board and the coach need to get together; he's not even close to reaching his full potential and United is the best for him. He needs to be patient, wait for his chance to play because he's an unbelievable footballer. I hope Jose Mourinho gives him more playing time because he's one of the best young players in Europe. In @spursofficial case it's not who they're signing it's who they need to hold on to. For me they obviously need to keep @harrykane, @dele and @chriseriksen8 ; they are the triangle of players that cause the most danger and trouble for opposing teams. Overall Spurs are strong in every position, but to make it work they also need to keep @mousadembele as he is the link between defence and attack. I don't see Kane leaving for Real Madrid, not now. The club will have a new stadium soon which shows their ambition and the squad is built on top of a solid foundation. He'll stay and fight for silverware for now, but further in the future, I cannot be sure. @chelseafc case is similar to Spurs. It will be a huge blow if @hazardeden_10 leaves for Real Madrid, i personally don't believe that is going to happen but The Blues need to make sure he'll stay. The same goes for @thibautcourtois. @nglkante is another that Chelsea need to keep. He's the spine of the team, he controls the pitch and fights for everything. It will help with the new manager, Maurizio Sarri, as it will drive competition for places and the squad will want to show how good they are. @mancity have incredible depth and talent in all positions. Pep Guardiola has shown that he knows how to coach his squad, they won the league breaking the 100-point mark, but now comes the difficult part, defending your title. Everyone will be gunning for it! @betfair

Публикация от Dimitar Berbatov (@berbo9)

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